Ashley J. Moore Ellis

Educator, Writer, Artist, Workshop Facilitator


Instagram: @piecesofajm

PIECES OF ME is a compilation of art, poetry, soul, and service.  It is the platform through which I've used poetry and art to heal and express my own soul while inviting others to be uplifted and encouraged as they too endeavor to walk victoriously in their own lives.

Behind the Pieces

During my junior year in college, I prayed that God would not allow anything that I experienced to be in vain.  I asked that God would not only help me to overcome every obstacle I faced, but that he'd use me to help others to overcome as well.   I use art (dance, writing, painting and drawing) as a means of not only processing life, but also capturing inspiring messages and lessons and sharing them with those around me.  Through performances, workshops, showcases, and the distribution of art, I've been able to not only face life head on, but also encourage others along the way.

about the artist.jpg

I am


to transform every awkward part of me

every tear

every fragment of pain

every feeling of misfit

into a masterpiece of a life

one in which

possesses power

and purpose

one that radiates LOVE

in such a way that even those

in distant lands

feel my touch

rays of sunshine


healing rays

warming rays

rays of hope

rays of light

dispelling darkness and all of its bondage