What better way to start a new day than by TAKING A STEP

another step toward 

the fruition of ideas, the manifestation of dreams

another step out of the past and into the future

one step at a time

one step after another

moving mountains into seas

building, living the life you dare to envision

thoughts like poetry in motion

taking another step 

into and toward all that you are called to be, do, and see 

stepping past fear...of failure and the unknown

stepping over obstacles and roadblocks

stepping in spite of personal imperfections and limps

stepping with confidence


that you are enough

that you have what it takes

that IT is possible...

daring to BE

and be openly

daring to try

daring to walk

daring to say so

daring to take another step

I invite you to join me on this journey through artistry into destiny...
and may some picture, poem, posting, or service serve as an inspiration or motivation as you too take steps in your own life’s journey.
Ashley Jataun Moore
— AJM Writer, Artist, Educator, Workshop Facilitator