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Faith & Grace

This is an AJM original piece about making moves, taking steps forward- toward the fulfillment of potential, toward the fruition of hopes and dreams and visions.  It's a piece about taking steps even when you don't know it all or have it all together.  It's a piece about living a life of faith, under-girded by the Grace of God.  Each time she takes a step of faith, Grace comes in and adds another stone, helping to connect her to her destiny.

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Ellis Lighthouse

The Ellis Lighthouse and the stones it's built upon symbolize the Ellis Union/Marriage. Each stone represents the foundation upon which the marriage is built upon and maintained by: Christlike-Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Friendship, Unity, Purpose, Communication, Passion, and Ministry. The Ellis union and the Ellis Lighthouse is a vessel of LIGHT, HEALING, and HOPE within the community and world at large.

June Smyrna Community Piece.jpg

Smyrna Outdoor Market Community Piece: "June"

Every Saturday, from the end of May through October, Smyrna vendors come out and sale produce, baked goods, and other goodies. This year, "Pieces of Me" had the opportunity to participate in one of the June Markets. As community members passed through, both children and adults, added their mark to this community canvas. One person, one stroke at a time produced this week's featured piece: "June." Beautiful things come to fruition, when we value each person and each stroke. Thank you Smyrna Residents for your participation!!! This post is homage to you.


Juneteenth/You Are Free!

It's one thing to BE free...and another thing to KNOW you are free. It's one thing to KNOW you are free and another thing to WALK IN YOUR FREEDOM.

As many around the country celebrate Juneteenth, I pause to reflect on the meaning of and cost of FREEDOM. I pause to reflect on the courage required to walk in it, proclaim it, and fight to protect it. This piece depicts a voice shouting out to those who need to hear it: YOU ARE FREE!



Made for a purpose, a masterpiece of a design

Gifted to be present and a present to this world

Yet needing from time to time

To steal away

And fill up again


And plug into THE SOURCE



This piece is homage to the hands and hearts, words and deeds that have encouraged my heart, uplifted my spirit, and propelled me further into my destiny...for we rarely "arrive" on our own...



is built...and must be maintained

with both hands and bent knees

with effort, intentionality, and care

Sometimes it's altered, and sometimes it crumbles into seemingly irreconcilable pieces.

Yet hope remains...

TRUST can be rebuilt with right hands and right hearts

with both hands, and bent knees

with effort, intentionality, and care.

Burden Bearer.jpg

Burden Bearer

Dear Canvas,

You bear my burdens without complaint. The weight of my heart is never too heavy for you. You draw out the ailing of my soul, leaving me with closure, resolve, and greater tenacity to pursue purpose. You receive my tears and cleanse my soul. You take what feels ugly and create a masterpiece. You take what shames me and tell a beautiful story of transformative hope. You are my burden bearer, yes; but even more importantly, you are my exhale, freeing me to take in another breath of fresh air.

Thank you.